Meeting Room

Board of Directors

Tony Yap
Sir Tony as we call him is the anchor of what we do. He is the inspiration behind our success as an organization. He is our chairman and master of our vision.
Nur Laminero
Nur is the architect and driver of our vision and makes the goals of the board become reality. He is the builder of the organization and owns the relationship with the public pertaining to the company.
J Anton Yap
Board Director
Anton is our advocate. With a law background and as a school president, he provides the stability and support needed to bring to life what we do as an organization.
Bert Villanueva
Board Director
Sir Bert is the mentor and the brains of our system leveraging from his knowledge and experience of owning multiple companies.
Dr. Bambi Yap
Board Director
Dra. Bambi is our Board Secretary and Treasurer who keeps everything in place for our organization including finances.

Our Leadership Team


Mark Apostol


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Mark is our leader of operations. With his experience running operations for corporations, he brings our plans and vision into actions to drive results. 


Joan Montinola

Head of Experience

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Joan is our leader who organizes everything for us including but not limited to events, marketing, and social media. She makes everything we do seamless in all aspects. 


Renier Macalino

Head of Social Media

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Renier is our all around leader who gets his hands dirty on whatever is needed to be accomplished to complete the needs of the organization. He handles the company's social media.


Oji Vann Laminero

Head of Technology

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Oji leads our technology innovation. He is responsible for the technological implementation of our strategies including Artificial Intelligence.