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We transformed the way education is delivered

We combine the expertise of the educational institutions with various industries to bring life changing programs designed to bring your lives and careers to the next level.


Start and finish anytime, anywhere. We bring education right to your fingertips.

Widemy Programs

Maximize your Potential

Learn from industry experts! We partner with the best academic and corporate institutions to bring the right programs and courses straight to your devices.

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Business Process 

Outsourcing School

Professional Certificate Courses


Virtual Jobs


Professional Certificate Courses

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Accounting School

Professional Certificate Courses



Training Center

Professional Certificate Courses

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Travel & Hospitality


Professional Certificate Courses

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Catholic Priest



Professional Certificate Courses



Academic Camp

Professional Certificate Courses

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STM Institute for Safety & Leadership (SMILE)

Professional Certificate Courses

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Interns &

Partnerships Center

Academic and Corporate Partnerships

The Widemy

Learning Experience

Nothing but the best teachers and instructors for you. We simplified our model to ensure maximum learning in the fastest possible way that will bring your return of investment into reality.

We bring education right into your devices. No matter what your situation is, where your location at, your education is now accessible anytime anywhere. With Widemy, you can earn your degree or diploma from our partner schools, or simply access our wide array of professional certificate courses.

Oh, we don't stop there. Our partnerships with various corporations and organizations give our students opportunities to connect for internship programs and potential employment.

So what are you waiting for? No matter what is your current educational attainment is, we have something for you. Build your future with us!

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Internship Programs

Your training and education will not make a difference if you don't have the access to practice it in real world settings. 


We got you covered!

At Widemy, we don't only bring the best education to your devices, we give you the opportunity to practice your education through our internship programs. 

Our team partners with the best companies and institutions that can complement your education with practical experience. 

Who knows, your internship maybe your first step towards employment to that company of your dreams!

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Virtual Courses

Our founders are advocates of blended learning and practical education approach. Even before the pandemic, our founders have been implementing the virtual approach in learning through their schools and colleges.

Our programs are not only unique. Our programs are also designed and created by academic institutions with real world application in mind. The courses are designed to help you get the edge in the real-world, may it be entrepreneurship or employment.

Oh, if you decide to go on the path of earning a bachelor's degree, our programs can be credited through partners schools.

Your possibilities are endless.